Andrea Maaseide Design

“We don't believe in a one size fits all design.  Our designs are inspired by our clients' personalities and lifestyles. We want our clients' homes to be as unique and beautiful as they are."


Andrea Maaseide

After graduating from Vanderbilt University and Georgetown University Law Center, Andrea practiced law for several years in Washington, DC before starting a family with her husband, Steve.  Through the years, interior design was always a fun and creative outlet for Andrea, but she didn’t fully indulge her passion for design or believe that it could be more than a hobby until after her third child was born.

As she worked on design projects around her own home and began helping family and friends with small endeavors, it didn’t take long for Andrea to realize that she wouldn’t return to practicing law.  Interior design was clearly her true passion and though the objectives had changed, Andrea loved that she could continue working with and helping people as she had in law. 

In 2012, Andrea began studying interior design at the Corcoran College of Art and Design.  She continued to take design classes while working for local design firms assisting in all aspects of the interior design process.  Andrea's love for design has continued to grow while working on residential and commercial design projects.  

Though Andrea has an affinity for colorful spaces, she's open to all designs.  She particularly enjoys the process of getting to know her clients and meeting the challenge of creating a space perfectly suited to them.  


Philippa Baker

Philippa Baker has over ten years of experience decorating homes in Washington D.C. and working in the design industry. Although she is of British descent, Philippa was born and raised in Africa, and it was her upbringing amidst the diverse and vibrant African culture that instilled her with an affinity for aesthetics and design from an early age. She also cultivated a deep appreciation for global culture, art and history—giving her a cosmopolitan sensibility that continues to inspire and influence her design projects today.

As an art history student at George Mason University, Philippa developed a love for the minimalist aesthetic, as well as a sharp eye for detail, light and color. Later, while working for high-end fabric distributor F. Schumacher, she discovered her passion for textiles, patterns and textures—a pivotal epiphany that ultimately lead her to pursue a career in interior design. She procured a position as a design assistant at a prestigious and well known local design firm where she sharpened her love for her craft and gained further appreciation and respect for the challenges and rewards of the design process.

Philippa specializes in modern styles with classic influences; however, she isn’t afraid to introduce a funky, fun edge when a space calls for one. In addition, her long-running involvement in D.C.’s thriving music and arts scene enables her to bring a fresh, youthful and energetic element to all of her work. Philippa’s open, communicative and friendly nature is apparent in both her unfettered approach to design and the positive relationships she cultivates with all of her clients.

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Molly McKee

After graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design from Miami University, Molly decided to spend two years pursuing another passion of hers - mentoring college students.  Her time in ministry developing leadership skills and reaching personal growth goals helped her gain a vision for who she wanted to be when she grew up.  From then on, she began to take steps into the creative realms of fashion, merchandising, staging and interior design.

The daughter of both an engineer and an artist, Molly is driven by the desire to bring order and beauty into everything she does.  This complementary approach has been her strength in past jobs when sourcing unique furniture and decor, and designing boutique window displays, and continues to be a strongpoint in her current role as Office Manager of Andrea Maaseide Design.

Challenge her to incorporate one-of-a-kind refurbished furniture pieces, bold color choices, and eclectic design into your space and the end result will empower and transform those who live, work, and play in that place. Molly believes design should embody and inspire innovation, spirit, and sophistication to best celebrate the life and style of the client.