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Artist Fave, Donna Clark

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A few months back, a painting that my son did for school was chosen to be part of the MPS Festival (Mclean Project for the Arts Festival).  

Of course I was a completely proud mama and thrilled to go and see his piece on display.  I think the kid has some talent!  Secretly, though, I was also so excited to walk the festival and scope out new artists.

Given that my husband's casual stroll is a slow run for me, I was relieved when I didn't see anything that made me want to stop and linger, until I saw the work of Donna Clark.  My husband was already way ahead of me - practically out the door - but I couldn't make myself move past Donna's booth.   Her work is breathtaking.  Months later, I'm still thinking about it.

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While I was in the booth, Donna explained that she is known for her ability to create images infused with light.  It's true!  In person, these paintings seem to radiate light.  I definitely plan on making a trip out to Donna's studio to see more of her work and maybe tag some pieces to add to my Christmas or birthday list.  One can always dream!


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