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Put a bird on it... or not

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It's cold!  The Blizzard of 2015 has descended upon the Northeast.  We've gotten an inch or two here in Northern, VA.  Just enough for school to be cancelled and for the kids to get another beloved snow day.  But while the kids are jumping for joy over another snow day, I find that I am ready for spring and the sounds of the birds tweeting outside my window.

Not everyone is a fan of birds like I am, especially when it comes to incorporating them in interiors.  We've decided that we need to get a read on people's reaction to birds at the beginning of every design project.  Reactions tend to be a bit extreme.  Something like this...

 Still from Portlandia, "Put a Bird on It".  Watch the video  here .  It's hysterical!

Still from Portlandia, "Put a Bird on It".  Watch the video here.  It's hysterical!

...or their reaction goes something like this.

 Still from Alfred Hitchcock's, "The Birds"... a classic!

Still from Alfred Hitchcock's, "The Birds"... a classic!

This can definitely get a bit awkward.  I'm serious... from now on, we address this at the initial meeting!

Whether you love birds or hate them, you can't escape the fact that they are everywhere in design.  A bird motif can add a delicate beauty, softness, warmth, and even whimsy to an interior.  Below are just a few ways to incorporate birds in interiors.

These De Gournay wallpapers with bird motifs are lovely.

{Via De Gournay}

If you aren't ready to commit to wallpaper (especially the price tag of a De Gournay wallpaper), you could always use these whimsical bird decals.

 {Via  Etsy }

{Via Etsy}

These silk panels from Bungalow 5 would be perfect behind nightstands adding height and color!

These Dwell Studio accessories would be so sweet in a nursery:

Love these pieces!  So cute... functional with a bit of quirkiness.  

I fell in love with an artist on Etsy out of Vermont, Amber Alexander.  She does watercolors of different animals, but I mostly fell in love with her watercolors of birds.  They are so full of life.

Where do you stand with our feathered friends?  

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