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Layering it in

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I'm relatively new to the world of interior design.  Sure I've spent years arranging and rearranging my own house, but the stakes are entirely different when you are designing other people's homes.  I desperately want to magically transform our client's spaces in a day.  I want to hold their hands and walk them in to their new room and experience the gasps and see the tears of joy streaming down their faces.

Don't get me wrong.  Our client's have been thrilled with the results of our projects, for which I am very thankful.  But in this world of HGTV and instant gratification, sometimes we have to gently remind folks that transformations don't happen over night.  It's just like building a house.  There are phases to the design process... a layering in, if you will.  When you are building a home, the process begins with laying a foundation.  It's the same in design.  An overall design concept turns into a series of steps, beginning with creating a foundation in a space.

Design cannot be rushed, or it begins to feel too staged and cold.  For Philippa and I, it's about really getting to know our clients and while respecting our client's timelines, carefully curating a space to reflect our client's wants and needs.

To our clients who have journeyed with us in this world of design, we want to thank you.  For trusting us and our vision and for knowing that even though there are steps in the process, the road will ultimately lead to your dream space.  We got this!

xo, Andrea & Philippa  

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