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Etsy Finds of The Week: Magic Carpet Ride

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I am a huge fan of color and pattern and Turkish Kilim rugs have both.  It was love at first site when I came across them while helping a client search for an antique rug for her master bedroom a few years ago.  These rugs add such an amazing element to a room and the options abound, especially on Etsy!  

These vibrant pieces are great for so many spaces...  a family room, foyer or bedroom. 

The color!!! The patterns!!! {Via TurkishMuseum}

As vintage kilims often come in odd sizes, they are perfect for layering, especially on top of a sisal rug.  The layering adds so much depth and warmth to a space.

{Via Pinterest}

The more you layer, the better.  Don't be timid!  Check out this space where kilims have been layered on top of kilims! Such a cool, bohemian vibe.

Vintage Kilims are not only for your floors.  I came across some wonderful furniture pieces upholstered in Kilim rugs.  These great little accent pieces bring color and texture to any room. 

{Via DjemKilimHome}

This piece isn't from Etsy, but I couldn't resist. It's amazing!!!!

Let's not forget Kilim pillows!

 {Via  Houzz }

{Via Houzz}

Sukan on Etsy has some fabulous Kilim pillow options.

{Via Etsy, Sukan}



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