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Artist Fave: Kimberly Applegate

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I could spend hours scouring the internet for new artists. Art just puts a smile on my face.  In one of my many searches on the internet, I came across Kimberly Applegate.  Kimberly is a  super talented artist out of Louisiana producing lovely pint sized oil paintings.  

Her earlier paintings featured simple compositions of chairs like this one.   

 "Happy Days" {Via  Joie De Vivre }

"Happy Days" {Via Joie De Vivre}

She progressed to doing series of chairs (or other seating) with an added element.  The chairs with animals series is wonderfully quirky.  I think these pieces would be perfect grouped together in a nursery.

From Left to right, by row: Anchors Aweigh, 6 x 6 inches; Feather in Her Hat, 6 x 6 inches; Aurora BEARealis, 6 x 6 inches; Elementary, 6 x 6 inches; One Proud Pig, 6 x 6 inches; Chica Chica Boom Chic, 6 x 6 inches.  {All via Joie de Vivre}

This is a more recent animal series.  Seriously, who doesn't love elephants and butterflies?  Too cute!

"Whole Lotta Love" &; "Love is in the Air" {Via Joie de Vivre}

The chair with art series is my favorite, by far.  In this series, Kimberly paired famous chairs with complimentary well-known art.

From left to right, by row: "Fanfare", inspired by Benshetrit's Peacock Chair & artwork by Matisse, 6x6 inches; "Get in Line", inspired by Breuer's Wasilly Chair & artwork by Mondrian, 6x6 inches; "Three Ring Delight", inspired by Barbara Barry's Bracelet Chair and artwork by Wayne Thiebaud, 6x6 inches; "Que Sera Sera", inspired by a Fleur de Lis chair and artwork by Monet, 6x6 inches; "Swan Dream", inspired by Jacobsen's Swan Chair and artwork by Picasso, 6x6 inches. {All images via Joie de Vivre}

What I find most incredible about the chair with art series is the level of detail that goes into the artwork within the artwork.  These are already little paintings, so you can imagine the precision and talent those small reproductions require.  So breathtaking!

I couldn't leave out Kimberly's chair with flower series.  I love this tulip chair with a vase of tulips.

 "Hockney Love", Via Joie de Vivre

"Hockney Love", Via Joie de Vivre

A lot of these original pieces are sold, but you can contact Kimberly for prints of any of her originals.  If you really want an original piece (I would love one!), Kimberly sells her originals on Ebay.  You can sign up on her blog to have her latest painting sent to you and then start the bidding. =)

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