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For The Love Of Figs

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Philippa has a green thumb.  I have a brown thumb.  Philippa even worked at a plant nursery while she was in college, which means she has wealth of knowledge when it comes to plants.  Maybe she's even a plant whisperer.  Plants tend to shriek and shrivel when I come near.  Thank goodness for my husband and his talent at caring for our green leafed friends.

Philippa has professed her love over and over again for the Fig Tree and has been encouraging me to add one to my house. I can't argue against the beauty of the fig tree and the lovely organic element they add to a space.  A quick internet search and you can find a ton of pictures of impeccably designed spaces with a dazzling fig tree as the star of the show.  In fact, if there's such thing as an "it" house tree like there are "it" bags, then the fig tree has won that accolade.

Peter Dunham used the Fig Tree extensively in a home he designed in the Hollywood Hills. The photos have made their way around the internet, which is not surprising given the beauty of the rooms and of course the statement making fig trees. 

{Via Elle Decor}

Even when he didn't incorporate a live fig tree, Mr. Dunham incorporated his famous fig leaf textile (maybe this is the direction I should go...).

{{Via Elle Decor &  Peter Dunham Textiles}

Could I really keep this plant alive without my husband or Philippa having to come to the rescue?   I'd hate to kill yet another plant especially one that's such a stunner and doesn't exactly come cheap. 

{These containers are the fun "jewelry" for these fig rees. The rustic woven basket adds texture to the simple window setting and the whimsical "face" pot is perfect in this setting. Images Via Pinterest}

Really... these trees add so much to these spaces.

 Love how this guy is propped up on the table. {Via  House Beautiful }

Love how this guy is propped up on the table. {Via House Beautiful}

 { Via }


 So much warmth added here. {Via  Elle Decor }

So much warmth added here. {Via Elle Decor}

 {Via  Houzz }

{Via Houzz}

So the scoop, according to HGTV Gardens is that these beauties need bright consistent light, no drafty windows or doors, rich well-drained soil, water only when the soil is dry to the touch, fertilizer, and pest control.  I'm still getting over the death of my "easy to care for" succulents, but with a little time (or another snow day and desperate need of green life),  I may just splurge on one of these amazing creatures.  

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