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A Family office

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When we met with a Vienna family a few months ago about their home office, we knew that we had a fun project on our hands.  Their goal was to create a cozy, family office space with plenty of lighting, storage, and bold color.  Taking cues from their living room - one of their favorite spaces in the house - we knew we had to incorporate a mid-century modern vibe. And we had to do it all in a budget friendly way!

We are so excited with the way the project is coming along. Here's a sneak peek at some of the pieces we chose for the office space.  


Art and accessories are next.  This gorgeous giclee by Cozamia just arrived today and we can't wait to see it installed in the office.

 "Blossom Trellis",  Cozamia Art

"Blossom Trellis", Cozamia Art

Before and after pictures to come! 

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