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While touring the Lee Industries showroom in High Point, North Carolina last fall, some really fantastic pottery caught my eye.  Honestly, it was hard to admire anything beyond the amazing building that the Lee showroom is housed in - huge windows, raw brick walls.... just a great space (I promise to share pics from our upcoming visit to spring Market), but the pottery by Lucky Fish Gallery was so intriguing.  

The pieces that captured my attention were inspired by Alice in Wonderland.  I thought is was a really interesting take on the classic characters....and they just made me smile.

 Alice in Wonderland, Cheshire Cat, & Alice{Via  Lucky Fish Gallery}

Alice in Wonderland, Cheshire Cat, & Alice{Via Lucky Fish Gallery}

The table settings were especially fun and so unique.  I love them!  They would make a really fantastic tabelscape for a Sunday brunch, wouldn't they? 

Alice in Wonderland Place Setting, Alice & Rabbit (Via Lucky Fish Gallery

I know these pieces may not be for everyone, but they are definitely statement making.  And it's always fascinating to see artists' takes on traditional children's characters, especially in the form of pottery.

Alice in Wonderland, The Hatter & Alice in Wonderland, Rabbit Heads {Via Lucky Fish Gallery}

Since not everyone wants to fall down the rabbit hole, Lucky Fish Gallery has some more wonderful pieces that aren't Alice in Wonderland themed, but will still make you smile.   More black and white.

And pieces with interesting texture and color....definite conversation starters.

Looking at dish ware in a whole new light!



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