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Out Of Africa

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At the end of last summer, I attended a free photography show downtown near the newly renovated Navy Yards. It was kind of like a "pop-up".

The event was to showcase local DC photographers. Of all the photography there, it was the work of Dorte Verner that really caught my eye. 

Her images of the African tribes people of the Ethiopian Omo Valley were on display at the event. I was so taken by these images.  Having been born and raised in Kenya, images from Africa always seem to have a profound effect on me.

After the event, I took some time to view more of her work on her website and I realized that it is her capability to capture the essence of someone with her camera that really distinguishes her.

I was particularly impressed by her portraits of the women in Guatemala - they are so wonderfully composed.  

I would encourage you to explore her website on your own.  Her photography spans the globe.  

Or you can even see her works in person.  Right now Dorte has a show on Cuba in transition at Tryst in DC.  18 photographs on display until April 15.  Andrea and I plan on attending and hope to meet Dorte there.