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Weekend Antiquing

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This weekend I decided to drag my mom with me to some of the fun antique shops out in Leesburg, VA to find some unique pieces for our inventory. We have several accessory installs coming up and it's nice to use some one-of-a-kind pieces to create a really special space. We started at The Old Lucketts Store, which is a great mix of vintage, antique, and even new pieces that have a vintage vibe.

Lucketts is filled with lots of fun treasures, though sometimes you really have to dig through to find that perfect piece.  There were a lot of vintage bottles around, including antique demijohn bottles.  I'm always amazed by the prices of these pieces (sometimes over $100), especially since we would see them collected on the side of the road in Italy last summer.  Some people's trash... other people's treasure, as they say.

 A collection gathering dust in Italy.

A collection gathering dust in Italy.

There were several antique hat forms and even a lovely antique shoe form, which I snapped up.  These are fun, quirky conversation pieces that shouldn't be overlooked.  

I found these great antique German keys.  I am going to try my hand at this great DIY recommended by Erin Gates as I have a lot of leftover grasscloth from a recent project.

After Lucketts, we decided to visit Rust and Feathers.  I only recently discovered this venue after I exchanged emails with the owner of Ekster Antiques about a Swedish Mora Clock she had a picture of on Facebook.  She told me that this store is her retail location.

These tabouret chairs were brilliant and super tempting....  maybe for a fun and funky sunroom we are working on for teenage girls.


This cow painting really caught my eye... the composition, the texture, the color.  Such a great piece.  And more vintage bottles.  These would be beautiful arranged on a mantel, or console table, perhaps.

Love, love, love these sconces.  They are huge... and gorgeous!

These beautiful lanterns were part of the Ekster Antique collection.  I am kind of bummed I didn't swipe them up.  They would be perfect in the in-laws beach condo, wouldn't they?

Hope you had a great weekend!

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