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I have a lot of friends who get around town on two wheels... a bicycle, that is.  With the lovely spring weather and my new digs in DC, I've felt really inspired to invest in my own set of (two) wheels.  Recently I came across the  Human Bike, designed by Jan Gunneweg, a Dutch designer who has a passion for wood. 

 Fantastic and eye-catching design.  A mode of transportation and a work of art! {Via  Human Bike }

Fantastic and eye-catching design.  A mode of transportation and a work of art! {Via Human Bike}

The driving force behind Jan's concepts and designs is bringing man and nature more into harmony.  An idea I couldn't agree with more! 

I'm assuming the Human Bike isn't quite as budget friendly as I'd like and I also wonder about how it might hold up to daily use in the city.  I love the idea of bringing man and nature more into harmony, though, and that philosophy ties in nicely with one of my favorite mottos, "Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose!"  

Maybe I should stick with a wood frame, but one with components made out of recycled cans?  Dan Gestoso Rivers is rethinking the traditional bike production and introducing recycled materials in his "Boske" bike.  

He is also rethinking how we ship products to reduce waste.  Like Ikea products, Dan has created a packaging concept that will allow these bikes to be flat packed and then put together with just an allen wrench by the consumer.

Sadly this bike, too, is not available to me... or to anyone, for that matter.  As far as I can tell, this is only a prototype, though Dan says he would like to get this in to production someday.  

The truth is that I consider myself more of a vintage cruiser anyway.  I have always admired the classic Stingray bikes. 

 VIA:  Old Roads
 VIA:  Old Roads

Anyone want to go for a ride?