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Are you looking at my knob?

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I have a confession....I am kind of obsessed with hardware. Knobs, pulls, hinges...I love them all.  Unfortunately, I think hardware is terribly under appreciated and it's a shame because hardware can create such a striking detail.  A hidden gem to catch the eye when least expected.  

Everyone should take a second look at their hardware.  Over the years I have come across some great hardware vendors that I return to again and again.  

One of my favorites, SA Baxter offers a range of styles and finishes from modern to traditional hardware.

Some great knobs...  {Via SA Baxter}

And some gorgeous handles!  {Via SA Baxter}

I particularly like SA Baxter because they offer really amazing door hinges. Hinges you're asking...yup.

Beautiful! {Via SA Baxter}

This is one detail that gets overlooked more than others, but there is nothing better than an exposed hinge.  To take it one step further, SA Baxter even offers finials for the top of your hinge bolt. 

Talk about details!  Hinge bolt finials! {Via SA Baxter}

Emtek is another fantastic hardware company offering a range of prices and styles from modern to traditional.  I think they have a more have a more extensive line of products than SA Baxter.  

Love these modern hardware options {Via Emtek}

Emtek also allows you to choose the backplate for your door knob.  Love having options! 

 {Via Emtek}

One of my favorite local resources is The Brass Knob in Adams Morgan, DC. This is a lovely shop that offers architectural details and house parts. I have spent many hours digging through their drawers and rummaging around in their basement to find clients one-of-a-kind, antique pulls and door knobs.

Just a few of the treasures available! {Via The Brass Knob]

Hope this gives you some inspiration on this Tuesday!