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Mangwanani...or good morning...or an awesome place and experience

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So here I am in Cape Town, South Africa.  What a beautiful place and beautiful, kind, and happy people we've come across.  Today was an excursion to Mangwanani Spa and Zevenwacht winery.  The winery was fantastic.  Can't complain about delicious wines, but what I enjoyed most was the Mangwanani Spa (see farewell video from the spa on Instagram).  

 Yes... spa treatments were amazing, but it goes beyond that.

Yes... spa treatments were amazing, but it goes beyond that.

I am so overwhelmed with admiration for this company and its founder, Erin Limbert, and it takes me back to my #likeagirl post.  Empowerment.  Empowerment for women is awesome.  Mangwanani Spa's philosophy incorporates a wonderful tenet:  the upliftment of rural women. 

As we sat there waiting for our spa treatments, we listened to the General Manager tell us how she was literally plucked off the streets and given the opportunity to become a trained therapist for the company and then able to further advance to General Manager because of the company's belief that when you "educate women, you educate a nation."

 {Photo courtesy of  Women Online}

{Photo courtesy of Women Online}

So here's the thing.  I couldn't help but walk out of this spa feeling rejuvenated because of these highly trained therapists and their magic hands, but also because of how emotionally uplifting these women's stories are.  95% of these women were disadvantaged and thanks to this wonderful company, they've been able to change their lives.  

Sometimes these stories are even better than a spa treatment.  Just sayin'.