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Artist Fave: Jen Adam

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We spent our last day in South Africa touring through the Stellenbosch winelands.  Along the way, we were lucky to come across the original artwork of South African artist Jen Adam.  Born and raised in South Africa, Jen began her artistic career with ceramics, but with encouragement from her husband and friends, delved into the world of painting.  Her paintings began selling faster than she could make them.   

 "Dawn Breaking"

"Dawn Breaking"

Taken directly from Jen's resume:

To admire Jen Adam’s warm and soulful ethnic canvases is to experience a spiritual journey into Africa. Her depictions of women and children walking through vast, arid, glowing landscapes captures the pure innocence of rural Africa at its best: a dry, hot and at times barren land that is nevertheless emotionally and spiritually rich, with its diverse cultures, rural people and magnificent fiery sunrises and sunsets.

In her African paintings the women almost always have a thin flowing white fabric draped over their clothing, a symbol of the emotional and spiritual strength these women have in the face of extreme poverty and adversity in their humble lives. Etched against the burning earth, these silhouettes capture our imagination, bringing a positive energy and tranquility to the viewer, allowing us a warm and spontaneous invitation to dream whilst listening quietly and capturing the mood.

Her work is simply gorgeous in person.  The pictures below don't do her work justice at all!  

 "Mist in the Hills" {Via  Fine Art Portfolio }

"Mist in the Hills" {Via Fine Art Portfolio}

 "Cool Summer Mist" {Via  Fine Art Portfolio }

"Cool Summer Mist" {Via Fine Art Portfolio}

 "Wedding Morning" {Via  Fine Art Portfolio }

"Wedding Morning" {Via Fine Art Portfolio}

 "Zanele and her Girls" {Via  Fine Art Portfolio }

"Zanele and her Girls" {Via Fine Art Portfolio}

 "Leaving" {Via  Fine Art Portfolio }

"Leaving" {Via Fine Art Portfolio}

 "In the Dawn of Spring" {Via  Fine Art Portfolio }

"In the Dawn of Spring" {Via Fine Art Portfolio}

We couldn't resist bringing some of Jen's pieces home with us:

 I will share more pictures once these are framed and we find the perfect place for them in our house.  

I will share more pictures once these are framed and we find the perfect place for them in our house.  

For more information about Jen and her extensive portfolio of work (photography, too!), you can visit her website.  You can also view and purchase her work on Fine Art Portfolio.  

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend!