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Why Camp When You Can Glamp?

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With the summer nights finally here, it makes me want to get out into nature and camp. I believe my love of camping started when I was a little girl in Africa. I have many fond memories of being out in the bush for weeks at a time.

 VIA:  Siyabona

VIA: Siyabona

The newest craze in camping is "glamping", or glamorous camping. This is the idea that roughing it is no longer needed. Even the traditional tent is now being decked out with the luxuries of home.

Last year while I was looking for a new tent I found this camper, The Opera.  Inspired by The Sydney Opera House this camper has major design style and it will definitely make you the coolest camper at your camp site. 

In my search for a new and innovative tent, I also came across the Bubble.  With plenty of space, you can deck this tent out with all of the comforts of home and then fall asleep under the stars without all of the insects.

 VIA:  BubbleTree

Maybe some wouldn't consider this concept as glamorous, but I've always wanted to sleep in the trees.  A little research and I discovered there's a tent for that, too. 

VIA: hangingtentcompany

Whether camping or glamping, I hope you're looking forward to some amazing camping experiences this summer!